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About Us

Womenwords is one of the most popular news portals in Bangladesh. We are committed to provide you the most updated news, the in-depth stories and the analytical views without any viciousness. We are totally nutral in political or communal issues. But we always stand besides the truth. Womenwords has been doing the factual journalism since the beginning. We believe, half truth is more harmful than lie. so we took the challange to uphold the truth always and everywhere. That is why Womenwords has become a symbol of trust and dependence among the people. And this is the merely power of the team Womenwords. We are very happy that we passed several successful years. We have been blessed with the love and trust of the people across the journey. We are thankful and grateful to the readers for being wiyh us. We are confident enough that we will be continuing our success stories and will be contributing for the nation and the whole humanity.

With best regards Sheikh Abdul AditiDas, Womenwords.